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High Transparent Food Container With Clip Moulds


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High Transparent Food Container With Clip Moulds

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High transparent PP Material food container / lid / clip moulds 


OSKAI mould factory can design & make different kinds of food container moulds depend on customer's demands. OSKAI mould can offer this list service


  • Always offer free customized design service;

  • Before place order steel will double check compelet mould design file ;

  • Will offer 2 times free samples for free by TNT / DHL / UPS;

  • Will give some spare parts for free while shipment moulds;

  • Will offer free technical service during moulds production



Different shape design, different fix idea design, the moulds design will be different, then the price will be different, if wanna know more about food container moulds, we need to know more about client's require. This is just one of idea for food container / lid / clip moulds.



Clip mould


This clip mould can choose 80ton machine then big enough, work full automatic system by ejectors system + pitched roof.

1 Min can product 3-4 shots that is no problem

Sub-gate design can sperate runner and clips, no need human take off.



Food container lid mould


OSKAI Mould factory designed it by hot runner system, choose normal point gate for it.

This food container cover mould can choose 120Ton normal injection moulding machine. work full automatic system by slant angle air + air gates




Food container mold


OSKAI mould design hot runner for it, take off by air system, also if have robot can take off by robot easy.


Small insert designed for cavity side ear place in order to make sure longer use-life.


High polish for core plate and texture for cavity plate


OSKAI Mould factory can finish those moulds making within 30 days if choose normal steel. If hardness steel can be 40 days. 


Some more photos shown for food box / lid / clip moulds


Clip mould


Box mould


Cover mould


Other design food box / lid / clip moulds OSKAI mould also can make, welcome your calling / e-mail to chat more about food container moulds


easy close


clip close


If you have any interest in our high transparent food container with clip moulds, welcome to contact our factory for more details. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we also welcome the customized orders.

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