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2.3g Spoon mold

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2.3G big spoon mold injection moulds plastic in huangyan moulding Details like this list
Mold item: plastic PS Spoon mold
Mold steel: choose 2316 forging and C50 
Mold treatments: at final treatment thur. nitrogen to 48-52°C or/Cav 
Mold cavity: 25
Mold size: 520*480mm (also can depend on customer's machine design new mold size and frame)
Plastic material: PS
Mold cycle time: 15'/shot (did not connect cool water)
Mold doff way: Full automatic by ejector
Mold minimum lifespan: 1,000,000 shots (if choose better steel will be longer)
Mold leading time: 1st arrange test mold within 40 days after receiving downpayment

Mold steel

Uses Cr12, P20, 718, 2738, 2344, 2316, S136, 3Cr13, 38CrMoAl, Mov and more

Mold cavity

1 or more (depend on client)

Surface treatments

electroplate (in order to prevent rust), thur. nitrogen (in order to rise surface hardness), vacuum quenching (in order to rise whole hardness)

Plastic materials




Mold gate way

cold runner/hot runner/semi-hot runner

Hot runner brands

HASCO, DME, YUDO, Chinese brands

Cold runner

sub-gate, direct gate, 3 plates, side gate

Mold base


Mold lifespan

minimum lifespan 300,000 shots (better steel get longer lifespan)

Mold off

ejectors, off-plate, air valves, hydraulic jars, air jars, air ejectors, oil-motor and more

Mold cooling

Water cooling/air cooling/beryllium bronze cooling

Mold size

will offer advice while send quotation

Mold fix machine

better offered by client while inquiry

Mold price

most reasonable as rich experience

Mold payment

50% down payment by T/T, 50% balance by T/T before shipment

Mold shipment ways

By sea/air/train

Mold packaging

packed into standard wooden cases

1) Mould structure design
Professional designers provide you with reasonably designed mould to shorten cycle hours.
Reducing unnecessary procedure improves efficiency.
2) Mould cooling system
According to the structural characteristics of the product and the appearance of the product , We design a reasonable form of gate for mould, such as a large gate, hidden gate, fan gate, needle gate, pin point gate etc., a reasonable channel of runner design make mold temperature balance in the shortest time to improve mould precision and productivity.
3) Accessory for mould
Slide, guide pin, guide sleeve, lifter blocks and so on are taken by wear-resistant standard parts, to ensure the mould life.
4) Deal with mould
 Quenching the mold, heat treatment to improve the hardness, then Nitriding temperature is lower , the mold will no longer need to quench mold with high surface hardness and wear resistance more than HV850
1) We can repair the mould in one year for some free and provide technology. . 
2) Gurantee  period is 12months starting from the date of moulds accept in the Buyer’s factory.
3) If the moulds happen the big problem, The moulds cannot repaired, the Buyer cannot solve the problems,eg, mould crack, product  can’t   moulding…any big problem(except the human error) due to the mould life can’t reach to guranteed shots.the Seller and Buyer's negotiate to slove the problem, the buyer can send it back to the factory to repair or If serious, the Seller have resposiblity to make new mould for the Buyer.
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